Insider: RFA Shane Pinto “In A Tough Spot”

The Ottawa Senators have less than $1M in cap space. But restricted free agent Shane Pinto is not a "less than $1M" player. That creates quite the bind for the Sens as the 22-year-old center remains one of the last unsigned RFAs in the league.

NHL Insider Jason Gregor of Daily Faceoff's DFO Rundown says that leaves Pinto "in a tough spot." 

Ottawa, if they want, they can put the screws to him a little bit. And that's just the business of sport when you don't have arbitration rights. 

Fellow DFO Insider Frank Seravalli added, "not only does he not have arbitration rights, he also doesn't have offer sheet rights either."

In his first full season, Pinto recorded a 20-goal campaign, while adding 15 assists for 35 points, and was named Rookie of the Month in October.

Both Gregor and Seravalli agree that he'll probably have to settle for less than his value. If he signs a one-year deal, Pinto will at least have arbitration rights next year.

Insider Elliotte Friedman, however, thinks there are more moves coming in Ottawa in order to give Pinto his due.

"They're not going to be doing it for under a million dollars... He's a guy who scored 20 goals, he's definitely worth a bigger number than (under $1M)," Friedman told NHL Network.

"I think we're what we're waiting for, is what Ottawa is going to do around him... Maybe making a move to free up something to give Pinto a bigger number. I don't think he's going to be signing for $900K, and I think they're aware of that."

Friedman feels that Pinto will eventually wind up in the $2.5M range. 

Photo: Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports