The Mike Babcock Investigation is Heating Up

Mike Babcock was the focal point of discussion on Friday as the NHL and NHLPA met to discuss what's been going on with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Babcock's ways of getting to know his players has apparently ruffled some feathers, as Spittin' Chiclets Paul Bissonnette received some text messages from inside the dressing room, suggesting some players were pretty taken back when asked by Babcock show him their camera roll so he can display it on his office TV via Airplay. 

While some of the public comments seem to have tried to smooth over the waters, the investigation is heating up as the league and the PA continue to discuss matter with several ex-players of Babcock.

Darren Dreger of TSN suggests that Babcock's job could be in jeopardy:

The Blue Jackets haven't even officially reported for training camp and it's already a tough look for their new Babcock-era.

Photo credit:  The Columbus Dispatch-USA TODAY NETWORK