The NHL's Next First Rounder Traded From The 2019 Draft Class

The 2019 NHL Entry Draft was just four years ago, but for a number of players, that is enough time for teams to judge whether they are going to have an impact in their system or on their team. There have been players from the first round of the draft traded already, but let's have a look at who could be next.

Alex Turcotte

The Los Angeles Kings have not been impressed by former fifth overall pick Alex Turcotte. For someone drafted as high as he was, he is either a bust or taking much longer than anticipated to develop into even a full time NHL player. Fortunately for the Kings, they don't have to make a decision before this season because he's still exempt from waivers. With only 12 NHL games, zero points, and a couple tough seasons in the AHL, this would be the season where he has to show something. If not, the Kings are likely to use him to upgrade their team to win now.

Philip Broberg

The Edmonton Oilers are in win now mode, even more so than the Kings. While many are impatient with Philip Broberg, he just turned 22 this offseason and is still exempt from waivers as well. He will have a full time role with the team this season and could even challenge for a top-four spot. Some believe that things could go the other way and he could be used as a trade chip this season. Either are possible depending on how the first five months of the season go.

Connor McMichael

The Washington Capitals thought they had a good one in Connor McMichael and since being drafted, has performed well in the AHL. He spent the season with the Capitals in 2021-22, but played just six games last season in Washington due to the lack of space. It looks to be the case again this season. He is also exempt from waivers, but it won't do any good sending him down for a second consecutive season if the team isn't going to clear space and continue to sign older and more established players. The Capitals are trying to win for a couple more years, so McMichael could be the cost to upgrade.

Photo credit: © Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports