Toews Makes Firm Statement On Avalanche Future

Key Colorado Avalanche defenseman Devon Toews is entering the final season of his 4-year, $16M contract. But the top-pairing blueliner has made it clear that he prefers staying with the Avs over taking his talents to the open market after the season. But it appears he'll have to take a hometown discount to do it. 

“My intent is to stay here the rest of my career” said Toews this past week. He added that he hopes to get an extension wrapped up "before the season". When asked if negotiations would continue during the season if it doesn't get done by then, he responded "we'll see."

"I think there's a will" to get it done for both sides, said NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman on his 32 Thoughts podcast. However, it sounds like Toews will have to take a discount to stay in Colorado, and, according to The Friedge, the star D-man is, indeed, willing to do that.

"Toews knows... that he can make more money on the open market than he can make in Colorado. The Avalanche are not going to pay him what another team out there can pay him... I think Toews knows that," said Friedman.

"So I think what we're seeing here is, between the Avalanche and Toews, is that they're trying to get to that 'sweet spot.'" That means a point where he takes a hometown discount, but not too much  under-market. 

Apparently, that's a spot the two sides haven't quite reached yet. 

"I think the guy's going to get paid," concludes Friedman. But "what's Colorado's limit here?"

It's now a waiting game between Toews and the Avs, to see who blinks first. 

Photo: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports