Canucks Rumors: Team Actively Looking To Bolster Lineup

The Vancouver Canucks have gotten off to a strong start and it is a rare occurrence for the team. They've struggled out of the gates the past few seasons and have been chasing from the start. It has been too difficult for the team to get back in the race, but now they are in a good place after the first couple weeks of the season.

As a reward, it seems as though the Canucks are working the phones and looking to add someone to make their roster better, per Rick Dhaliwal. It is early, but they are trying to clear out Conor Garland still and add someone who fits and helps out even more for this season and beyond.

The 5-2-1 Canucks could currently use a defenseman, and if Garland is moved, a middle-six forward as well. There are some early options out there and the situation in Columbus with two of their defenders is just making more and more sense the longer it drags out. We saw trades kick off earlier last season before the trade deadline. If teams know they are going to be out of it, do they sell even earlier if possible contenders like the Canucks show interest earlier and are willing to pay a little more to ensure a playoff appearance?

Photo credit: © Simon Fearn-USA TODAY Sports