Flames Rumors: Noah Hanifin's Projected Next Contract Leaked

Noah Hanifin's contract negotiations with the Calgary Flames have taken a positive turn, with growing optimism surrounding his future with the team.

Initially hesitant to discuss an extension after a disappointing season, Hanifin's stance has evolved in recent months.

Reports suggest that a significant contract extension is in the works, marking a notable shift in his commitment to the Flames.

Evolving-Hockey's contract model indicates a 69 percent chance of an eight-year deal with an estimated average annual value (AAV) of approximately $7.446 million, according to Julian McKenzie of The Athletic.

Alternatively, a seven-year contract could project to an AAV of around $6.693 million.

These projections highlight Hanifin's value to the team and signify his potential as a cornerstone player for the Flames.

While final details are yet to be confirmed, it appears increasingly likely that Hanifin will remain a key fixture in the Flames' defensive lineup for the foreseeable future.

Last season the 26-year-old Hanifin recorded seven goals and 38 total points across 81 games with the Flames. Photo Credit: Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports