Jakub Lauko Unveils Frightening Eye Injury

The Boston Bruins will be without Jakub Lauko for a few games. But the young forward is lucky that he won't be without his eye. After taking a skate to his face earlier this week, Lauko has now unveiled his new look. And it's not pretty. 

Lauko is able to joke about it though, actually posting his picture on social media with the comment, "modeling career defo in jeopardy😮‍💨but let’s just say I was very very lucky🙏🏻"  That, there is no doubt about.  

For now, the 4th-line forward is said to be out at least a week. 

The injury occurred Tuesday night, and it was an ugly situation. Lauko immediately dashed straight to the bench.  

Coach Jim Montgomery has since talked about the great relief that the injury isn't anywhere near as serious as it could have been. “Scary, with the skate. He got it in the corner of the eye, but it’s good. Nothing touched the eye. … Stitched up. Not going to be looking good for a little while.”

The stitches run from the bridge of his nose to the very edge of his left eye. He also suffered a fracture in the area. 

Lauko, still a rookie as he played just 23 games last season, signed a two-year contract this summer with the Bruins, with a $787,500 AAV, the first year being a two-way deal.

Photo: Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports