New York Islanders Place Enforcer On Waivers

After multiple days of several waiver placements, today (Oct. 9) only has one. The New York Islanders have placed enforcer Ross Johnston on waivers.

With the Islanders' famous fourth line remaining for the 2023-24 season, it is not too surprising to see Johnston be waived. His contract is also one that teams are unlikely to take on, as he makes more than the league minimum and is under contract until 2025-26. Therefore, there seems to be a good chance that he will make it through waivers and head to the American Hockey League (AHL) once he does. 

If he clears, Johnston will serve as a possible call-up option for when injuries arise or if the Islanders want to add some toughness to their lineup for a specific game. 

We will need to wait and see what happens with Johnston from here and how good of a season he has in 2023-24. 

photo credit: © Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports