Rasmus Andersson Hit Hard By NHL Player Safety For Illegal Laine Hit

It was a dirty and unnecessary hit that came at the final buzzer of the Calgary Flames' 3-1 loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets Friday night. It had all the earmarks of an incident that the NHL just couldn't let go. 

Flames defenseman Rasmus Andersson left his feet and delivered a hard blow to the head of the Blue Jackets' Patrik Laine. 

Now, Andersson will be serving a four-game suspension, courtesy of the NHL Department of Player Safety.

"Andersson elevated unnecessarily, and made significant impact with Laine's head with his elbow..." said DoPS. "The launch, the force of the hit and the game circumstances under which the hit was thrown, combined to elevate this to supplemental discipline."

Laine, meantime, remains day-to-day with an upper-body injury, per Blue Jackets head coach Pascal Vincent.

Andersson's punishment might be more than the NHL's sentence, however. He is sure to get a little more "discipline" from the Jackets at their next meeting on Jan. 25th when they visit Calgary. Columbus players were not very happy about the hit, naturally. Even Johnny Gaudreau, who joked it’s “not my department,” said payback should be coming. “We play them again, so I’m sure someone will try to even it out."

Photo: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports