NHL Rumors: NHL is Returning to Atlanta with Another Expansion Attempt

Can the third time be a charm? From all accounts it sounds like it's 'when' and not 'if' the NHL is going back to the city of Atlanta. The expansion chatter is starting to pick up in a major way.

Some of hockey's biggest insiders feel within three years a team will be announced in Atlanta as the league tries to once again make it work. It's also likely an additional team gets named as well and the total goes up to 34.

One player who would love to see Atlanta back on the NHL map is former Thrasher forward Evander Kane. Kane caught up with hockey insider Elliotte Friedman and had this to say:

You talk about a great city to live in, a great city to be a part of. The fan base. Everybody talks about a lack of fans, but the fanbase we had there was so awesome. They were so passionate about us as a hockey team. We had fans at practice all the time. As an 18-year-old, I loved being there. Great travel. Four other major sports. There's lots to do. It's a hub, you can get anywhere in the U.S. or even internationally from Atlanta. There's so many good things I have to say about it. I would be 100% supportive.

The Thrashers were operating from 1999-2011, meanwhile the Flames franchise was in Atlanta from 1972-80. Could 2025-26 be next?

Photo credit:  James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports