Top Trade Candidates For The Philadelphia Flyers In 2023-24

After over a decade of going back and forth between being a contender and missing the playoffs, the Philadelphia Flyers have finally gone into a rebuild. This entailed selling some of their top players in the offseason, but there is more to do in order to make the rebuild actually successful this time. Here's some of the players the team can trade this season to make them worse.

Carter Hart

The Flyers have a lot of goalie options in net, so they won't be left empty-handed if they were to trade Carter Hart. He is one of the best young goalies in the NHL stuck on a team that is rebuilding. He has a good cap hit for one more season and then is a RFA. This would allow them to get more for him in return, and I don't think wasting a talent like this one through many years of rebuilding is the right choice. Within the year he has to be dealt.

Travis Konecny

Travis Konecny is the best offensive player on the Flyers at this time, even with the return of Sean Couturier to the lineup. Konecny plays hard, can score, and put up points. Though he is the type of player John Tortorella likes, the Flyers have to think about their future. He has two years left on his deal at a very good price. For his cap hit, many teams will be calling on him again to be a key piece to the puzzle on a playoff run. The earlier the Flyers decide to move him, the better the return will be.

Scott Laughton

Scott Laughton had a surprising amount of interest at the trade deadline last season and the Flyers chose to value him very high. They rejected offers that even included a first round pick for the seemingly third line player. Laughton can play up and down the lineup, but is coming off a career year where he put up 18 goals, 43 points, and played 18:17 per game. Injuries on the Flyers helped, but he is a Swiss army knife with three more years at $3 million. There's no wonder why there was interest, but the Flyers might have been smart to take the good offers they were getting in case he returns to the norm.

Photo credit: © Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports