Top Trade Candidates For The Winnipeg Jets In 2023-24

The Winnipeg Jets are in a unique situation. Their team is changing, that much is clear. They still have some very talented players on their roster, but could look a lot different by the end of the season. If they are in a playoff spot, they might hold their ground or add some players with term. But if they are outside of a playoff spot by the time the trade deadline rolls around, we could see a fire sale like the Nashville Predators have had over their past half a year. Let's look at who the top trade candidates on the Jets are.

Mark Scheifele

Many teams would love the chance to acquire a player with top line talents for what would be under a $6 million AAV cap hit for the remainder of the season. It has been made clear that Mark Scheifele is going to be moving on after the season, so the Jets could capitalize and get back some good pieces to help them stay afloat.

Connor Hellebuyck

The Jets will unfortunately be losing their franchise goalie in the next year, whether that be through a trade or at the end of the season. Connor Hellebuyck wants to win and wants to go to a winning team this season if he is traded. This would fetch the Jets a big return as well for the upcoming free agent.

Nino Niederreiter

Like the first two, Nino Niederreiter is also going to be a free agent after the season. He has a bit of a cheaper cap hit, but he also isn't as effective. The team only acquired him last season, but if they are selling, he is a name that is sure to go.

Dylan DeMelo

The Jets' defense is jam packed. It hasn't allowed Ville Heinola to break into the NHL yet. This season that could change. The Jets have a couple of defenders that are on expiring deals including Dylan DeMelo and Brendan Dillon. As far as trade deadline candidates go, cheaper cap hits are always more attractive. DeMelo not only makes less per season than Dillon, he plays top minutes. We could also see him dealt for a bit of a return.

Photo credit: © Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports