Winnipeg Jets Rumors: 2 Players Available for Trade

In a recent Off The Record column, Jimmy Murphy reported that an NHL executive told him that they are hearing Mason Appleton and Nate Schmidt’s names are on the trade market right now.

Appleton has a $2.1 million cap hit until the end of the 2024-25 season and likely will generate interest as the year rolls on. This is because he is an effective third-line forward who works on the power play and penalty kill. With that, he provides some grit, and that is something that teams are always looking for.

As for Schmidt, he has a $5.9 million cap hit until the end of the 2024-25 season, so he’s a player that teams may have some trouble bringing in. Salary retention would likely be required in a move unless the Jets added a sweetener or two in a possible swap for taking on his contract. 

We will need to now wait and see if either of these two Jets gets traded at some point during this season from here. Given that their names are on the open market so early on in the campaign, it seems quite possible that at least one of them will be.

photo credit: © Terrence Lee-USA TODAY Sports