Blues Rumors: Scott Perunovich Becoming Trade Candidate

Defenseman Scott Perunovich has become the odd man out on the St. Louis Blues' blue line, and the club has barely played him this season because of it. Due to this, there is a real chance that we could see the offensive d-man moved during this season. 

Perunovich is viewed as having a good ceiling, but the primary issue for him over the years has been staying healthy. However, now that the Blues are not using him too often in their lineup, it certainly seems quite possible that he could end up being dealt at some point in the near future. 

The San Jose Sharks, a team in the middle of a big rebuild, stand out as a possible landing spot for him. They have been on the hunt for a defenseman, and Perunovich could be an upgrade for them because of it. Other teams to watch include the New York Islanders, Arizona Coyotes, and Montreal Canadiens.

We will now need to wait and see what ends up happening with Perunovich from here, but do not be shocked if a move of some sort occurs. 

photo credit: © Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports