Senators Hit Hard By NHL In Dadonov Punishment

The NHL has levied a hefty punishment on the Ottawa Senators over the Evgenii Dadonov trade controversy. The Sens will be docked a first-round pick for failing to inform the Vegas Golden Knights about Dadonov's no-trade list. 

The Senators can choose to lose the first-rounder in any of the coming three entry drafts (2024, 2025 or 2026). They'll be able to choose which draft in which to forfeit the pick within 24 hours of the conclusion of the Draft Lottery for each season.

When the Sens traded Dadonov in July of 2021 to Vegas, they told the Golden Knights that the player had not submitted his 10-team no-trade list, which included the Anaheim Ducks. From there, Vegas attempted to trade Dadonov to Anaheim in March of 2022, but the deal was quashed due to the no-trade list coming to light. 

Vegas claimed their innocence in the dispute all along, and an NHL investigation has confirmed that, now slamming the Senators for their part in the controversy.

It's a hefty price to pay—only the second time a team has been punished with a first-round pick—and simply adds to the Senators' woes, who also learned last week that unsigned Shane Pinto has been suspended 41 games for gambling violations.

Photo: Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports