Captain Brady Tkachuk Calls Out Ottawa Senators Fans for Booing

Ottawa Senators captain Brady Tkachuk is not happy with the fan base of late as they have been booing throughout points of the games and he doesn't want to hear it anymore.

Most recently, the Sens lost 6-4 to the Tampa Bay Lightning and after the Sens fans were relentlessly booing, Tkachuk stood up for himself and his teammates after the game and didn't hold anything back:

It's frustrating, the negativity from the outside, the constant booing and the bullshit, kind of, from the crowd tonight. I understand that they're (a) passionate fan base, and I understand that they love it, but when you face adversity, you don't turn your back on the guys out there. We're playing hard. I know it's frustrating right now. It's not like we're giving up out there, we're fighting right to the very end. We're right there. It's frustrating that we're facing a ton of adversity right now, but in here, there's no quit, and there never has been. I don't think we've ever shown a time (when) we've quit on the people that have paid money to support us. It's non-negotiable in our group that we finish hard no matter what and we leave it all out there. Sometimes it's frustrating, don't get me wrong, I understand they're frustrated. But we leave it all out there.

The Senators have lost five of six and sit 4-6-0 on the season. The fan base has even chanted Fire DJ, so it's been quite the season to be a Sen.

Photo credit:  Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports