Insider: Corey Perry Has Interest From At Least Two Teams

Now that Corey Perry has officially cleared waivers, and we've learned the general outline of what led the Chicago Blackhawks to terminate his contract, the specific details that led the team to call the conduct "unacceptable" and cut ties have yet to leak out. With that in mind, it might be too early to write off the 19-year veteran completely just yet.

"Corey Perry is not suspended, so the NHL apparently doesn't believe that what he's done has crossed the line to warrant a suspension. Some team would be clear to pick him up and put him in their lineup," said NHL Insider Frank Seravalli on the Daily Faceoff Live podcast today. He also appeared on Sportsnet 590 Radio, and went one step further, suggesting that Perry might not be persona non grata:

I think this story is far from over... I think there’s actually been a couple of teams in the last 24-48 hrs that may be interested in adding a player like Corey Perry, so I think there’s a lot left to be written here.

Seravalli didn't name the teams, but we'd have to assume they'll be doing their due diligence on what, exactly, happened, before making a decision. All we know, so far, is that an incident involving Perry and a team employee occurred while the team was on the road last week, and the Hawks immediately removed him from the team. 

The NHL Player's Association now has 60 days to file a grievance, if they so choose, against the Blackhawks for the contract termination. It's unprecedented, says Seravalli, for a player to have his contract terminated "for conduct that may be considered inappropriate, but not illegal."

Were the Blackhawks, perhaps, overzealous in their actions "because they're still reeling from the 2021 investigation that they covered up a sexual assault in 2010?" asks Seravalli. "I think we all understand how sensitive they would be, but did they potentially overreact?" That's a question that can't be answered without all the details.

This story is far from over. 

Photo: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports