Oilers Looking At All 3 Canadiens Goalies

The Edmonton Oilers have been looking for a goaltender ever since Jack Campbell was sent to the minors. Calling him back up isn't an option and Stuart Skinner is being overworked in the NHL right now. As the Oilers try to pull out of the deep hole they made for themselves early, they need to trust both goaltenders. Since Campbell was sent down and Calvin Pickard called up, Skinner has started all four games. He won three, but in the game against the Tampa Bay Lightning, you can see that he needs a break.

The Oilers might go to Pickard soon, but they would rather go into a game with a goalie that is better suited for the NHL level. That is where the Montreal Canadiens come in. Elliotte Friedman spoke about the situation on Hockey Night in Canada saying, "Edmonton has been looking at all three of Montreal's goaltenders. I don't believe there's anything imminent there. I just think it's the Oilers doing their due diligence. They are determined not to make a panic trade that they'll regret."

If the Oilers are looking into all three goalies of the Canadiens and they have three on their roster, it appears as though something might get done. Not making a trade the Oilers will regret seems to be something along the lines of trading away a prospect. Montreal has been eyeing Xavier Bourgault, but that is much too steep of a price to pay for a goalie unless Campbell's full contract is moved back. The Oilers have all of their first round picks and 2/3 second round picks over the next three years. Watch this situation because the Oilers might feel the need to get a goalie sooner than later to help Skinner.

Photo credit: © David Kirouac-USA TODAY Sports