Reason Why Carey Price's Career Came To Abrupt End Revealed

During a special gala event at the Bell Center, celebrating his remarkable 60-year tenure with the Montreal Canadiens, Dr. David Mulder provided a profound revelation regarding the career-ending knee injury of Carey Price.

Dr. Mulder unveiled that Price's injury was far more intricate than initially perceived.

While undergoing surgery for a meniscus injury, surgeons in New York made a startling discovery – Carey Price's femur had lost all of its cartilage.

This unforeseen development brought an unfortunate end to the illustrious career of the star goaltender, shedding light on the complex nature of the injury and dispelling any doubts about the Canadiens' medical staff's role.

In addition to elucidating Price's injury, Dr. Mulder took a firm stance on the issue of fighting in the NHL.

He ardently advocated for the removal of fighting from the game, emphasizing the significant risk it poses in terms of inflicting concussions on players.

Dr. Mulder acknowledged the controversy surrounding this position but proposed a stricter approach: players engaging in fights should be ejected from the game, with repeat offenders facing suspensions.

This perspective underscores the ongoing efforts from around the league to prioritize player safety and reduce the incidence of concussions and injuries stemming from on-ice altercations in today's game. Photo Credit: Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports