Allen Or Montembeault: Which Canadiens Goalie Gets Traded & Where?

The belief is that Sam Montembeault is safe on the Montreal Canadiens for the next three-plus years. I would like to counter that by saying that teams may be even more inclined to make a trade for him now. He turned himself into the starter last season for the Canadiens and he has proven to be the best of the three goalies on the team this season. He was a UFA until signing for three years at $3.15 million AAV. This deal is very good, even for a goaltender to split starts 50/50 on a team.

The Edmonton Oilers have been one team linked heavily to the Canadiens in terms of acquiring goaltending. It was up in the air which goaltender in particular they were targeting. The Oilers have scouted the Canadiens with both Montembeault and Cayden Primeau in net, but also have a good idea of what Jake Allen brings.

The Oilers aren't likely the only team interested in one of the Canadiens' goalies. Injuries at any point in the season can change the perception of an organization and their needs, meaning more teams could inquire about Allen or Montembeault at any time throughout this season. This speculation about Montembeault still being a traade possibility lies in the insiders making sure to note that his new contract carries no trade protection. This has to be for a reason, whether it be this season or in the future.

While Allen seems like the obvious goalie to go now, Montembeault's extension allows the Canadiens to get a much better return for him if they so choose. He has been good enough to move forward with in Montreal and potentially trade at a later date when Primeau and Jakub Dobes are ready, but it might also help with finishing lower if the Canadiens didn't have a nice trade asset with a .910 SV% helping the team win games. Allen is the better mentor for the young Primeau for the time being, but right now it's still a tossup in my mind whether Montembeault or Allen is going to be the one the team moves on from this season.

Photo credit: © Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports