Blackhawks' Connor Bedard Comments on Crazy Rumor

Chicago Blackhawks young phenom Connor Bedard has had his name and his family dragged through the mud of late. After Corey Perry's incident with the Blackhawks which involved being under the influence at a corporate event and making quite the scene, Bedard's family was dragged into the mystery and frankly what was being said around social media was disturbing.

Bedard spoke Friday to Ben Pope of the Chicago Sun-Times and had this to say about the vicious rumor:
It's just a bunch of B.S. on the internet. It's, of course, been an effect on myself and my family, and that's not fair. But it's out of our control. It's all just fake, made-up stuff. Obviously, it's a tough situation. But I don't need to speak on anything too much. Obviously, what happened with Perry was serious. I think the first concern is that he's OK, and his family are.

Bedard has been everything as advertised when it comes to on the ice as he's racked up 18 points in 21 games to start his NHL career and was recently named Rookie of the Month for November. 

When it comes to the off ice requirements, Bedard has been very composed and professional with a microphone in front of him and good for the kid to stand up for his family this week after we were reminded that most of society believes everything they read on the internet.

Photo credit: Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports