Devils Doing Due Diligence On Defense & Goalie Market

The New Jersey Devils aren't in a spot they had hoped at this point in the season, but they have been on the wrong end of some injuries that have kept their key players out of the lineup. One big injury that they are currently dealing with and should for the rest of the regular season at the very least is Dougie Hamilton, their $9 million AAV defenseman.

While the defense of the Devils isn't bad, losing a player of this magnitude is huge and has definitely hurt the team. But, at the same time, it frees up $9 million to work with this season if Hamilton is out until the playoffs. On Insider Trading, Chris Johnston noted that the Devils are doing their due diligence on the defense and goalie market as they have the money to upgrade multiple areas.

It is very unlikely that the team is going to go and use all $9 million on one player. What makes a lot more sense is bolstering multiple areas. The forward group is strong if healthy, but the Devils are down a key defender and the netminders have struggled. Goaltending has been a conversation for a while now. It was suggested that the money should be used to make the Devils a complete team. They can do that. It's no guarantee that New Jersey will make a move anytime soon, but as long as they are on the outside of the playoffs looking in, something has to be done for this should-be contender.

Photo credit: © Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports