Insider: 3 Problems With A Potential Tyson Barrie Trade

He's been given permission to find himself a trade destination, and he's said straight out about his place with the Nashville Predators, "it just doesn't feel like a great fit." But will Tyson Barrie ultimately be moved?

According to NHL Insider Chris Johnson, on his CJ Show podcast, there are three impediments standing in the way at this point. 

First off, he notes, "The Predators have actually been winning a lot of games lately, and you wonder, 'Is this thing salvageable?'" Granted, the recent 7-3-0 run the Preds are on has them in a playoff spot at the moment. But is that really enough to stop them from moving a player who's clearly not happy there?

Then come the two most important factors, however:

Interested teams will have some serious trouble fitting in Barrie's $4.5M cap hit. But wait, you ask, couldn't Nashville just retain a huge chunk of that to make him moveable? 

That brings us to the final, and perhaps most important problem with trying to move Tyson Barrie: 

Nashville is not in any position to retain any salary on Barrie because they've already used two of their three available retention slots. It would be unwise this far out to corner themselves and remove the ability to do that moving forward.

Johnson concedes that there were some teams interested in him, but as we hit the Christmas roster freeze, the interest just wasn't great enough to this point to take on all that salary. 

Photo: James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports