Kraken Rumors: Defenseman Standing Out As Trade Candidate

It has been a horrible season for the Seattle Kraken, and changes to their group could be on the way because of it. One player who is starting to pick up more steam in the rumor mill because of this is defenseman Brian Dumoulin.

Dumoulin signed a two-year deal with the Kraken this offseason after a long tenure with the Pittsburgh Penguins. However, with the Kraken struggling so much this season, they could look to move Dumoulin if given a strong enough offer. 

Dumoulin has shown throughout his career that he can handle playing top-four minutes because of his steady defensive play. Because of this, teams certainly could express interest in him as we get closer to the 2024 NHL Trace Deadline. 

We will now need to wait and see what happens with Dumoulin from here. While there’s no rush for the Kraken to move him because he has a multi-year deal, there could be several teams interested in him because of his overall experience. 

photo credit:  Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports