John Tortorella BLASTS Flyers Reporter for 'B.S' Kevin Hayes Story

The Philadelphia Flyers/Cutter Gauthier saga wasn't something many expected to see this season, especially ex-Flyer Kevin Hayes. Hayes also wasn't expecting to have his name dragged through the mud about it, but here we are.

Philadelphia Flyers head coach John Tortorella caught wind of how a Flyers reporter made up a 'Bulls****' story about how Hayes got involved with Gauthier and was giving him advice not to play in Philly due to Torts being a brutal coach to play for. Needless to say, Torts wasn't having it and confronted the reporter:

Is the guy here that caused Kevin Hayes a problem? Are you kidding me? You think Kevin Hayes is going to do something like that? It just pisses me off that you guys throw that around and affect someone’s life. Kevin Hayes and I had a problem and we couldn’t come to an agreement how to play. That’s a good man. That’s a good man. And what you said is going to stay with him. That’s what you guys don’t understand. You’re going to sit there and say you have the right sources.

As for Hayes, he's received death threats, had his family threatened and some people went as low as saying they're happy his brother Jimmy died. Talk about scum of the earth. Here's TNT's take on the Hayes situation:

Photo credit:  Robert Edwards-USA TODAY Sports