Video: John Tortorella's Hilarious Reaction To Cutter Gauthier's Trade Request

Was coach John Tortorella's reputation one of the reasons that top prospect Cutter Gauthier didn't want to play for the Philadelphia Flyers, leading to his being traded to the Anaheim Ducks on Monday? Nobody knows for sure, but Torts had a very Torts-like reaction when asked by the media about Gauthier wanting out of the Flyers organization:

"Then, we don't want ya," said the Flyers coach. "I don't know Cutter from a hole in the wall."

Then Torts cut off any further discussion about Gauthier. "I'm not too interested in talking about him. I'd rather talk about Jamie [Drysdale]. He's the guy that's coming here."

Flyers president of hockey operations Keith Jones was just as blunt in his assessment of Gauthier:

"You don't want to be a Flyer, you're not going to be a Flyer." 

Gauthier, it appears, rather than out-and-out requesting a trade, simply ghosted the Flyers. He did not attend Flyers development camp in the summer, and he refused to meet with the Philly front office contingent that traveled to Sweden to try to talk to him when they realized something was up. They were not able to make contact with him at all. Ghosted.

A new rumor being circulated by Spittin' Chiclets lends credence to the rumor about Tortorella possibly being a big part of Gauthier's aversion to Philly:

The rumor states that Gauthier was scared of signing with Philadelphia because of a “rookie GM” and “coaching style.” 

Of course, all of this makes for a very juicy future date on the NHL calendar, which would be Gauthier's first appearance in Philadelphia as a member of the Ducks. The fans in the City of Brotherly Love will no doubt be on their "best" behavior. 

Photo: Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports