3 Canucks Players Who Won’t Be Back Next Season

The Vancouver Canucks have made a lot of moves this season to help solidify their chances at winning the Stanley Cup as they are a top team. This comes with adding players on expiring contracts and dealing with others who will need new deals. The Canucks aren't going to be able to keep everyone for next season, so we're going to look at three that likely won't be back.

Elias Lindholm

The Canucks seemed very happy to get "their guy" in Elias Lindholm before the trade deadline, but time and lack of production has proven that he doesn't fit in on the team. He has the talent level to be a second line center, but his struggles since coming over to Vancouver have forced the Canucks to push him to a third line role. Regardless of how he finishes this season, he is going to be expecting a long-term deal with more money. The Canucks won't be able to give that to him if they even wanted to. There were even rumors that the Canucks were looking to move on from him to get Jake Guentzel, but it wasn't able to be pulled off.

Nikita Zadorov

The Canucks acquired Nikita Zadorov in the first half of the season to fill a hole and he has done alright for them. Once again, there were rumors that he was going to be moved out in order to bring in someone else that would be more effective closer to the deadline. That didn't happen, but with options on the left side moving forward and Zadorov being a UFA, a parting of ways in the offseason seems likely.

Tyler Myers

There are a few players that the Canucks apparently want to have contract discussion with and Tyler Myers is one of them. The right side of Vancouver's defense is much weaker than left, so Myers still has a sizable role on the team. He may not want what the Canucks are prepared to offer him and could head to the free agent market to fill their needs instead. It is expected that the number will be much less than his current contract and I think that he will be able to get better offers elsewhere.

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