3 Flyers Players Who Won’t Be Back Next Season

The Philadelphia Flyers have shocked many people this season by staying right in the thick of the playoff race for as long as they have. While they still hold down a spot, the team chose to move on from whoever they couldn't re-sign or think would help for the future. The team is still rebuilding despite their spot in the standings, so there will be more changes to get different players opportunities and ramp up for future success.

Marc Staal

Marc Staal is a veteran who could potentially retire after the season. He has been declining, and although he was always a defensive defenseman, that ability has decreased as well. He is 37 years old and has played fewer than 14 minutes per game on average this season. With young defensemen filling the organization of the Flyers, it isn't logical for this rebuilding team to extend someone of this age and skill.

Felix Sandstrom

The Flyers thought they had something going in net with the tandem of Samuel Ersson and Carter Hart, but as Hart is out of the picture and Ersson has taken over, the backup role has been a weak spot. Cal Petersen failed in his bid for the role and now Felix Sandstrom has assumed the spot on the Flyers as the backup for likely the rest of the season. He is a UFA and not only do the Flyers have multiple better goalies currently playing in the KHL that could be options next season, they could dip into free agency and find someone more effective.

Erik Johnson

While the Flyers traded Sean Walker to get a high draft pick, they filled that spot and helped the injury-plagued right side of their defense by bringing in Erik Johnson for cheaper. He is a solid veteran who should be able to fill the role nicely on the third pairing, but not stay past this season. When healthy, almost every defender on the Flyers has played the right side, so there are more than enough options heading into next season. And once again, the Flyers don't want to take opportunities away from younger players.

Photo credit: © Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports