3 Maple Leafs Players Who Won’t Be Back Next Season

The Toronto Maple Leafs started to figure out their team in the second half of the season and are looking much better. While things have been figured out, some of the roster players heading into next season have also emerged. This should help make a decision on who stays and who goes in the offseason, so let's take a look at who won't be back in 2024-25.

Tyler Bertuzzi

For a lot of the season, it has felt like Tyler Bertuzzi was still upset about having to leave Boston as he liked it there and played well. As they couldn't sign him, he went home on a one-year deal. At his age and skill, he is looking for a longer commitment from a team and the Maple Leafs will have a very tough time giving that to him with how tight the money will be next season. He will likely move on because of it.

Martin Jones

Martin Jones has been a very nice piece for the Maple Leafs to have this season, but for right now, he is pretty useless. By that I mean that Ilya Samsonov is playing very well and Joseph Woll has returned from injury. While Jones was thrust into a starting role a couple of months ago, he is now the third-string goalie and would have been returned to the AHL if Toronto wasn't sure another team would just claim him on waivers. He has proven once again that he is an NHL-caliber goalie and will be able to find a role as a backup next season, but not in Toronto.

John Klingberg

John Klingberg didn't fit in with the Maple Leafs from the start, and after he got injured for the rest of the season, it was a blessing in disguise for them because the team was able to see what some of their other defensemen could do. This is what allowed Simon Benoit to make a name for himself in Toronto. Klingberg hasn't been the same offensively since his days in Dallas and it makes no sense for the Maple Leafs to even consider bringing him back in any capacity.

With how many changes and new players the Maple Leafs added this season, there will be more than just these three who won't be back. Some other names include Mark Giordano, Joel Edmundson, Ilya Lyubushkin, Matt Murray, and Jake Muzzin, even though the last two haven't played this season.

Photo credit: © Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports