Dallas Stars' 3 Worst Contracts of 2023-24

The Dallas Stars have a very good team all the way through, but they aren't without their bad contracts. None are glaringly bad, but there are a few that the team wishes were a fair bit lower for the roles they play.

Ryan Suter

Ryan Suter hasn't exactly aged great, but then again he is also nearing the end of his career at age 39. The Stars knew what they were doing for the beginning of his contract, but are now having to deal with a declining defenseman at a larger rate each season. With Thomas Harley emerging, Suter has been pushed down to the third pairing and is still being paid $3.65 million AAV through next season. He isn't an offensive contributor anymore like he was earlier in his career and he averages under 20 minutes a game.

Radek Faksa

Radek Faksa has been firmly positioned on the fourth line as the center depth of the Stars is very good. While he is a pretty good player, a fourth liner should not be earning $3.25 million AAV. He is a third line center on a number of teams, but for the Stars who have a lot of good contracts, they are lucky they can afford this. His two-way game is solid, but as expected from a fourth liner, he doesn't produce a ton offensively.

Tyler Seguin

While Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn have played well and been rejuvenated on this younger Stars team, their contracts are still pushing $10 million AAV. While Benn does play on the third line, has fewer goals in more games, and plays less than Seguin, his contract ends next summer. Seguin is signed for three more years at $9.85 million AAV instead of $9.5 million AAV. It isn't ideal, but their increased production has helped soften the blow. That and the young players are contributing more than expected. For the other players paid close to $10 million AAV, Seguin isn't on their level anymore.

Photo credit: © Chris Jones-USA TODAY Sports