Drew Doughty Claps Back at the Kings' 1-3-1 Haters

The Los Angeles Kings play a brand of hockey that's not necessarily for everyone, but if you think Drew Doughty cares what the haters think, you're way off.

The Kings have been chirped a ton recently for the 1-3-1 style, some calling it bad for hockey, a style that clogs up the neutral zone and slows down opponents around centre ice. If it's effective, expect to see it more from the Kings as Doughty is leading the charge against the chirps:

Pretty absurd comments When we brought the system (in) ... I wasn't too keen on playing it, to be honest with you. But as we've continued to play it seeing how successful it is and how frustrating it is for other teams ... and I think a lot of these people are just saying it out of frustration, because it's working.

Vancouver Canucks defenseman Nikita Zadorov was one player who recently called the Kings out after a loss and had this to say about what he saw on the ice:

I mean, that's their system. They don't really make plays; they just rim the puck and sit back all game. I mean, it's their goal to (not) play hockey and (not) let the other team play hockey, pretty much. Yeah, it's hard to come back, especially when you're down two goals. They had one extra bounce than we did today, so that was the difference out there.

The Kings are just trying to win hockey games and solidify their spot in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Because of the playoff format, it does appear they will play the Edmonton Oilers in the first-round for the third season in a row. Don't expect to see any system changes in LA over the next month or so, the Kings will be riding out the 1-3-1 until they're eliminated from the playoffs.

Photo credit: © Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports