Noah Hanifin Claps Back at 'Calgary Flames Being Held Hostage'

There's been some reports over the Calgary Flames being 'held hostage' by Noah Hanifin and his trade request once the latest contract extension offer wasn't signed. Hanifin's not happy about it and took to the media to do his best to clear the air.

The newest member of the Vegas Golden Knights had reportedly wanted to be traded to an American team and more specifically the Tampa Bay Lightning. Hanifin met with Eric Francis of Sportsnet to shed some light on the situation:

I was never holding the Flames hostage. That was one of the more difficult things to hear towards the end because I personally felt I was never doing that. Talking to Connie (Flames GM Craig Conroy) I don’t think either side felt that. I only had an eight-team no-trade clause, so I was never going to be able to say, ‘no. I felt I should give Calgary a list of teams I would sign with, and then it got out there I was holding the team hostage and would only sign with one team. I wasn’t ever going to sign an extension just anywhere in the league. I don’t think any player in the NHL would do that.
(Where would you have signed?) Preferably east coast, close to home. But then you have to find teams in playoff contention and teams with money and space that want you. It boils down to a few teams. t was positioned almost like I was doing it to spite Calgary, to hurt them. That was never the case. I was being honest with them. Calgary was going to do what was best for them, and I wanted to do what worked best for me and my family, and if that wasn’t a fit, that’s business.

Hanifin was eventually deal to the Golden Knights for a first-round pick, conditional third-rounder and Daniil Miromanov. He had this to say about playing the Flames this week:

It will be weird coming back so soon and sitting on the other bench, but it will be good to see some people who matter because I never really got a chance to say goodbye. I’m sure there are certain people who were upset reading that I was screwing over the team. I never felt I was, or that it was real, but some of them may boo, like they have for other players who left town. But there are lots of others who I had relationships with who will support me. I loved my time in Calgary and made so many friends.

Hanifin's recorded two assists in his first two games in Vegas. 

Photo credit  Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports