Oilers Rumors: Insider Believes Edmonton Could Lose Leon Draisaitl; "Chances Of Him Signing Are Slim"

NHL insider Darren Dreger has delved into the intricacies surrounding Leon Draisaitl's potential contract extension with the Edmonton Oilers, offering valuable insights into the impending negotiations.

Dreger's analysis suggests that the process could be prolonged, with Draisaitl potentially opting to wait and observe the market before committing to a new deal.

As Draisaitl becomes eligible for a contract extension as early as July 1, 2024, Dreger points out the lack of urgency for the forward to rush into a decision, setting the stage for a meticulous negotiation process.

Dreger underscores the financial strain that Draisaitl's next contract could impose on the Oilers, particularly with Connor McDavid's escalating salary and other key signings looming on the horizon.

Speculation arises regarding Draisaitl's potential salary demands, with Dreger suggesting that they could amount to a significant increase, possibly reaching around 14% of the salary cap.

This financial dilemma introduces complexities for the Oilers, including the allure of other NHL teams and the various factors influencing Draisaitl's decision-making process, such as financial terms, team success, and lifestyle preferences.

"Can the Oilers afford to pay him? Yes...I think the chances of him signing in Edmonton...are leaning towards slim.," Dreger stated.

Draisaitl has one more year remaining on his 8-year, $68M ($8M AAV) contract. He will be 30 years old when his contract is up and, due for a huge salary increase, it will be interesting if the Oilers opt to commit that much of their cap space to him, or if Draisaitl will even choose to stay in Edmonton.

Over his 10-year career, spent entirely with the Oilers, the German forward has amassed 343 goals and 493 assists for 836 points across 707 games played.

Photo Credit: Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports