Toronto Maple Leafs' 3 Worst Contracts of 2023-24

The Toronto Maple Leafs are a mix of good and bad contracts, so it somewhat works. Soon enough there will be some more wiggle room, but for this season, there have been some players on larger contracts that haven't been worth the money.

John Tavares

John Tavares' contract has really gotten to the point where it is starting to look bad, and with one year left on the deal after this season. He went through a big stretch where there were a lot of struggles, and even though he is playing better recently, this is one of the worst contracts on the team overall. I would argue that he was almost never worth the $11 million AAV at his age and with the ceiling, especially on a team with multiple better and more productive players. He has been used as a second or third line center this season and has 23 goals and 57 points in 70 games.

TJ Brodie

TJ Brodie has struggled this season as well and was recently a healthy scratch. That's not a good look for someone with a cap hit of $5 million AAV, especially since he is the second-highest paid defenseman on the team by a pretty wide margin. He has logged well over 21 minutes per game this season, but is without even a goal and the team has seen better days from him. Brodie's contract is over at the end of the season.

John Klingberg

The John Klingberg was a failure from the start, but the Maple Leafs got lucky that he hit the LTIR and the cap space opened up. He just didn't fit in the lineup and is not good at defending. When his offense isn't going like it hasn't been since his days in Dallas, he is not a top-six defenseman. Klingberg only played 14 games this season before getting injured, played too much, and only recorded five assists. His contract is also up after the season, fortunately for Toronto.

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