Maple Leafs Getting Big Boost x2 on the Blueline

The Toronto Maple Leafs went out at the trade deadline with a specific goal of improving the size on their blueline. They did that with the acquisitions of Ilya Lyubushkin and then Joel Edmundson. Unfortunately, Edmundson has missed more games than he's played since coming over to Toronto, and Lyubushkin has missed time as well. 

Now, finally, after missing the last eight games, Edmundson is returning to the Leafs lineup Thursday night, along with Lyubushkin, who has missed the last three games in this, his second Leafs stint. 

Head coach Sheldon Keefe confirmed the return of all 12 feet, 7 inches of his newest d-men, in time for Toronto's game with the New Jersey Devils. 

In Edmundson's defense, he says that his injury wouldn't have kept him out if the games had really counted.

He says he was injured on a shot block, and “If it was playoffs, I’d have played right through it."

Jake McCabe will relinquish his place in the lineup for now, but it's really just a rest day, says Keefe. "Call it a maintenance day for Caber. Quite honestly, I don't know that he's played many games at 100%. Nothing that’s held them back from playing, but he has played through a lot."

 Conor Timmins also takes a seat in the press box.

The Leafs have four games remaining, and are three points back of the Florida Panthers for second place, and home ice in the first round of the playoffs. 

Photo: © Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports