Video: Scary Scene As Referee Stretchered Off The Ice In Pittsburgh After Violent Collision

After a violent, blindside collision at center ice with 6-foot-4 Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Haydn Fleury, referee Steve Kozari was knocked unconscious momentarily and had to be stretchered off the ice this afternoon in a game between the Lightning and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Kozari was laid flat out at center ice, not moving, before they brought in the stretcher. A rinkside reporter confirmed that there was "a moment of unconsciousness." Fleury also was helped off the ice by teammates, bent over in pain, and left the game. Neither of them saw the hit coming.

Kozari was able to give a thumbs up while being rolled off the ice, as all players from both teams surrounded the medical team and Kozari, tapping their sticks in support, while the Pittsburgh fans gave him a rousing ovation. 

Kozari has 1,100 NHL games under his belt, and has officiated in four Stanley Cup Finals. 

Hoping that Kozari and Fleury will be okay.