Tortorella Is At It Again, Says Some Flyers "Don't Have The Balls" To Compete

The Philadelphia Flyers' latest loss, a 4-3 overtime decision to the New York Islanders last night, has head coach John Tortorella making headlines by ripping his team yet again. This time questioning whether they "have the balls" to compete in these pressure-packed games down the stretch:

There are certain people that just don't have a clue how to play. They just don't have it in them to play these type of situations. This is why I’m glad we’re playing, because we have to figure things out, as far as what we’re going to become as a team here.  

That was an embarrassing second period for the Philadelphia Flyers uniform, the way we played. Embarrassing. High marks as far as how we came back in the third period. Some guys.

And he just waved off the excuse of back-to-back games (upcoming this weekend) and if some players might need some rest:

We can talk about that sh*t, and this, that and the other things. 

If you don’t have the balls to play in these types of games, rest doesn’t do us any good. Doesn't do us any good!

The Flyers coach did have praise for one player—his newest recruit, 6'7" Ivan Fedotov, who came on for a struggling Sam Ersson to start the second period, and was dynamic right off the bat

"Totally impressed. I put him in a hell of a spot. And he's the only goddamn player that played in the second period."