Video: Huge Rangers/Islanders Debate Over “Vicious”(?) Collision

 The New York Rangers - New York Islanders rivalry has reached new levels of what some would consider silliness. A “controversial” collision in Tuesday night's game between Islanders defenseman Adam Pelech and Rangers center Mika Zibanejad has fired up the war of words between the teams, while eliciting everything from rage to laughter among fans.

Ok, let's have another look... Did Pelech even see Zibanejad coming?

Some have suggested that Pelech ever-so-slightly raised his arm/elbow... It's certainly up for debate. And while the Rangers were calling the collision "vicious", the Islanders, particularly head coach Patrick Roy, were laughing it off.

Rangers head coach Peter Laviolette called it "that vicious shoulder, elbow to the head," while Roy responded with "sometimes, frustrations makes you say things."

Ex-player Paul Bissonnette had the most colorful comments afterwards, saying to Rangers' fans, "are you guys smoking rocks?"

Whatever really happened, this debate will continue furiously in NYC hockey circles, at least until Saturday, when the two teams meet again. And who won't have the popcorn out for that rematch?