Breaking News: Ivan Fedotov Slapped With 2 Suspensions By IIHF

 It was a big coup for the Philadelphia Flyers late this season when prized Russian goalie prospect Ivan Fedotov all of a sudden showed up on their doorstep, after he and CSKA Moscow violated an IIHF ruling having him play in Russia this season. 

Since then, the Flyers have signed Fedotov to a two-year, $6.5 million extension, preventing him from becoming a UFA this summer. But now, the 6'7" netminder is facing some huge sanctions from the International Ice Hockey Federation for not complying with their order back in the fall that he should have been Flyers property for this entire past season. 

Fedotov has been suspended for three years from playing in all IIHF Competitions, including the Olympics. He was also handed a second ban, for six months, from any club games in the event he ever leaves the NHL and signs to play in another country (i.e. the KHL). 

The entire tumultuous caper began when Fedotov was set to leave Russia for Philadelphia in May of 2022 for his one-year NHL entry-level deal. But he was detained by Russian authorities and forced into military service for a year. When that ended last summer, he should still have been Flyers' property, as the ELC would have slid to this past season.

But instead, he signed (or was coerced into signing?) a contract with CSKA for the year, leading the IIHF to rule that he and CSKA violated international agreements, and they suspended him for four months. He kept playing, however, for the Moscow side. 

Then, in sudden and unexpected turn of events in late Marchhis contract with CSKA was terminated, and he flew over to be with the Flyers, making a dynamic debut on April 1st.  

He'll be able to play for the Flyers next season, as the IIHF suspensions only apply to international or non-NHL club play. 

CSKA was also slapped with a two-year transfer ban on all international transfers. 

Photo: © Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports