Canucks Re-Sign Defenseman Mark Friedman

The Vancouver Canucks have continued to sign their defenseman as this time the team has brought back Mark Friedman on a one-year deal at $775,000 AAV.

Before Friedman was signed, the Canucks only had four defenseman who played over three games for the team last season under contract. He was acquired by the Canucks this season and split time between the AHL and NHL, playing four games for the Abbotsford Canucks and 23 games for the Vancouver Canucks.

This is a solid depth signing as I don't expect him to play every game next season without some injuries to the team. Friedman is a 28-year-old defensive defenseman who has played 88 regular season games and six playoff games in the NHL.

The Canucks know what they are getting with this signing and there is a reason he was brought back instead of the team dipping into free agency to find a replacement for him. The Canucks have a lot of money and room on their roster to continue to add or bring back players ahead of free agency.

Photo credit: © Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports