Insider Has Report on Leon Draisaitl Contract Situation

The Edmonton Oilers are down to their last gasp attempt in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals Saturday night, facing elimination. 

But the stress for the Oilers front office doesn't end once the Cup Finals are over. Superstar Leon Draisaitl will be going into the final year of his contract, and is eligible for an extension—a massive one—this summer. Can the Oilers get it done? 

According to hockey insider Frank Seravalli of Daily Faceoff, even while they've had their hands full in the playoffs, the team has already been addressing the Draisaitl contract situation.

I believe the Oilers have already begun discussions with Draisaitl’s camp. What that looks like... when it gets signed... (are unknowns at this point).

But he does feel it'll get done. Following up on that, Oilers Now podcast host Bob Stauffer added, “I will tell you this: It’s my belief that the Draisaitl camp will want the maximum. They’re not looking for the Auston Matthews four-year deal here. They’re looking at a long-term deal.”

To piggyback on that notion, Servalli offered that Draisaitl is likely looking at a $14 million AAV, which, if it happens, would make him the highest-paid player in the NHL when it kicks in, ahead of Matthews' $13.25 million, that begins next season. 

But of course, that won't be the highest number for long, as Connor McDavid will be up for an extension next summer. And Seravalli does believe that they'll also get McDavid and Evan Bouchard signed to long-term deals over the next couple of years. He pegs it at McDavid at $16M and Bouchard at $10M. That's $40M per year for the Oilers' threesome. 

It might sound crazy to some observers, but to Edmonton fans, it sounds like music to the ears. 

Photo: © Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports