Insider: Mitch Marner Would Be "Intrigued" About Going To Chicago

We heard a report on Monday that suggested that the Toronto Maple Leafs might still be considering trying to keep Mitch Marner rather than deal him, but that doesn't mean that trade possibilities aren't being floated. And some of them are getting some backing from industry insiders. 

One of the more eyebrow-raising rumors making the rounds in recent weeks was that the rebuilding Chicago Blackhawks would be interested in adding Marner. Now we have insider David Pagnotta of The Fourth Period doubling down on that wild scenario:

My understanding is that Mitch would be intrigued about Chicago. 

I don't know how they can maneuver that trade-wise, but I can tell you that Chicago is one of the spots that I believe, if they can figure out a deal somehow and the Leafs go to Mitch and say 'hey what do you feel about Chicago, we've got a deal here', I think he would waive (his no-movement clause)... I think Mitch would say 'yes'. I think Chicago is attractive to him. 

Playing on a line with rising young phenom Connor Bedard? Yup, certainly sounds 'attractive', and 'intriguing'. Marner is still just 27, and he could serve as the young veteran of a Blackhawks nucleus building to something special in the years ahead.

The real problem here would be what would a deal look like? It would have to be primarily young guys and prospects going back to the Leafs, and "I don't know if that's what Toronto wants to do," surmises Pagnotta. 

There's still a lot that would have to happen before the Leafs and Marner would have to cross that bridge, so we'll just stick a pin in that for now.  

Marner registered his fourth straight season of better than 1.2 points per game, posting 26 goals, 59 assists and 85 points in 69 games, with a +21 rating. 

Photo: © David Banks-USA TODAY Sports