NHL Rumors: NY Rangers Ask Jacob Trouba For His No-Trade List

After a troubling playoff performance that put him squarely in the crosshairs of the denizens of Madison Square Garden, defenseman Jacob Trouba revealed that he was playing through a broken ankle suffered in March. Regardless, rumors started emerging that the New York Rangers might even consider a buyout of the 11-year veteran, despite the two years and $16 million left ($8M cap hit) on his deal.

It now sounds like the Blueshirts could at least be trying to trade Trouba, as they have reportedly asked for his 15-team no-trade list. 

Sure, he would have to provide that list to the team eventually, but the clause doesn't go into effect until Monday, and the Rangers might be looking to get a head start on potential trade talks ahead of the Draft. 

Trouba was exposed defensively this season, as his normally steady plus/minus rating dipped into the negative (minus-4) for the first time in five seasons. He added three goals and 22 points along with 183 blocked shots and 191 hits in 21:15 of ice time per game. 

A buyout would cost the Rangers a $4 million cap hit over each of the next two seasons, which then drops to $2 million for each of the two years after that. The thing is, they'd have to retain big money on any trade as well, so might as well go that route and try to recoup some assets in a deal, if possible. 

Photo: © Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports