NHL Trade Rumors: Could The Canadiens Try & Trade Carey Price?

Marc Dumont of Montreal Hockey Now recently speculated that the Montreal Canadiens might explore trading Carey Price's contract to maximize their salary cap flexibility. 

With Price on long-term injured reserve (LTIR) since 2022 due to a knee injury, his contract, carrying an average annual value (AAV) of $10.5 million, continues to complicate the Canadiens' financial maneuvering. 

Although the Canadiens are heading into the 2024-25 offseason with nearly $17 million in available cap space, LTIR only provides temporary relief and does not remove Price's cap hit entirely. 

This restricts the team's ability to accrue cap space and make in-season adjustments, thereby hindering their ability to strengthen the roster through waivers, trades, or free agency.

Trading Price's contract would offer a more favorable solution, freeing up significant cap space and avoiding the limitations imposed by LTIR. 

However, the move is challenging due to Price's hefty cap hit and the significant signing bonuses embedded in his contract, with $5.5 million due on July 1. 

Teams are unlikely to engage in trade discussions before this payment, but after July 2, the remaining financial commitment becomes more manageable, going from $14M over the next two seasons down to $9.5M.

Despite these hurdles, Dumont suggests that finding a trade partner willing to absorb Price's contract could provide the Canadiens with the much-needed financial flexibility to improve their roster. That being said, the Canadiens would likely have to pay a pretty hefty price for a team to take on the contract, potentially even as a high as a first-round pick.

While Carey Price remains a beloved figure in Montreal, moving his contract would significantly ease the Canadiens' cap constraints over the next two seasons. 

This move would allow the Canadiens greater flexibility to build their roster and pursue other strategic opportunities, both in the offseason and at the trade deadline. 

Photo Credit: Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports