Stars Could Bring Back Matt Duchene For Below Market Value

The Dallas Stars came close to another Stanley Cup Final appearance and they want to try to keep most of the roster together as good as they can. After reports by Elliotte Friedman last week that the Stars were hoping to re-sign Matt Duchene and Chris Tanev, Duchene recently spoke on SportsDay TALK w/ The Ticket about hoping to sign an extension in Dallas.

Duchene said that "money is definitely not the number one bucket." He is a veteran and has yet to win the Stanley Cup. He has also made $75 million in his career already and has had a strong career. The Stars are right there and will continue to have a great chance at winning the Cup for the foreseeable future, so what does a contract look like?

The Stars are fortunate that Duchene seems to be willing to take less than he's worth after a 25 goal, 65 point season. The 33-year-old only signed a one-year, $3 million AAV deal with the Stars after being bought out by the Nashville Predators last summer.

The Stars have over $16 million to spend on a notable few players, Duchene included. The discount he will likely take will help and it will also keep the top-9 of Dallas very good for another year. I expect it to be a multi-year deal and money will be even less of an issue once Jamie Benn's contract ends after next season.

Photo credit: © Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports