3 Potential Trade Destinations for Nick Robertson

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Nick Robertson will not sign a new deal with the club and has requested a trade. When noting that he is a young forward with good upside, there should be teams out there interested. Let’s discuss three potential landing spots for him now. 

Chicago Blackhawks: The Chicago Blackhawks could find Robertson to be an appealing target. He is still young enough where he would fit into their rebuild. In addition, the Blackhawks need some serious help on offense, so Robertson would have a bigger role there if acquired. 

Seattle Kraken: The Seattle Kraken could use more help offensively, so they also are standing out as a potential landing spot for Robertson. On Seattle, Robertson would be a clear fit in their middle six and would receive far more chances on the power play as well. 

Dallas Stars: The Dallas Stars would be a fun landing spot for Robertson, as it would unite him with his brother and superstar forward Jason Robertson. The Stars also could look to add more offense to their middle six this summer as well, so he could be a good young player for them to target. 

We will need to wait and see where Robertson ends up landing from here, as his time in Toronto appears to be done. 

Photo Credit: © Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports