Shea Weber Trade Rumors


The Nashville Predators have been laying low for the 2010-2011 NHL season. No one seems to notice them as they quiety get the job done. The Predators sit at 4th place in the Western Conference. They have no offensive superstar. No one pencils this team in for the playoffs. Yet it seems almost every year they make the postseason.

The key to their success is their defense. Having allowed only 111 goals against, they have allowed the fewest goals in the West. With Shea Weber and Ryan Suter anchoring their bluelines, the Predators shut down the opposing team. Weber can also put up the points, he has 8 goals and 20 assists in 46 games played. How can you not select him for your hockey pools? Did I mention he is an All-Star defenseman and he won Gold at the 2010 Olympics.

Poile has met with Weber's agent, and it is unclear where the two sides are in the negotiations. The Predators have said they want to keep their first home grown captain. Weber has talked about staying in Nashville, "It’s a place I love. I love it here, I love the guys, that’s not my worry right now. I’m worried about winning hockey games and continuing to focus on that."

The Predator's owner is known to be cheap. And may not put up the big dollars needed to retain Weber. Weber is asking in the neighborhood of $6 million per year. There are many teams willing to trade for Weber. Do not look for a deal or trade to be done soon. This one will probably be dragged out over summer.

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