Ryan Miller Sidelined With Concussion


Goaltender Ryan Miller of the Buffalo Sabres suffered a concussion on Saturday while playing the Boston Bruins. It happened when Milan Lucic collided with Miller as they chased after a puck that was far from the goalie's crease. Was the hit legal or illegal?

The Buffalo Sabres' GM has these thoughts on the incident, "When i look at the position of goaltending, in alot of ways it's not unlike quarterback in football. I feel very strongly the protection has to be provided and players committing these types of action should be punished. The last thing we need to do in the NHL is to be losing our stars to concussions on plays like this."

There is some confusion leading people to believe that if a goalie is out of his crease, he is fair game like any other hockey player. Goaltenders are protected under NHL rules and it is illegal to hit them even when they wander from the crease. Lucic was given a charging penalty on the play and faces supplementary discipline by the league.

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