Ryan Malone Trade Rumors


Sources say Ryan Malone of the Tampa Bay Lightning is going to be moved before the 2012 NHL trade deadline. Ryan Malone has a $4.5 million cap hit until 2014-2015. The Lightning have been looking to unload Malone for a couple of seasons. There are a surplus of left wingers like Malone on the market. He is making a good case for himself to be moved this deadline with 27 points in 41 games.

According to Sportsnet's Kypreos, "It's not a a matter of if Cory Schneider's dealt, it's when." And he says, "GM Gillis wants a 1st round draft pick and a top 6 forward who can make an impact in the playoffs." "A deal with Tampa Bay Lightning - where everyone on the panel agreed he would go - would be Malone + 1st."

I do not agree with Kypreos' assessment. This is going to be a talented 2012 NHL draft with many top defensemen so I do not think a potential top five pick is worth Schneider. Then again I never thought Semyon Varlamov was worth a 1st overall and a 2nd overall draft pick by the Colorado Avalanche.

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