NHL Playoff Predictions 2012


Here are my 2012 NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions as of end of regular season:
Round 1
Western Conference
Vancouver Canucks over LA Kings
St Louis Blues over San Jose Sharks
Chicago Blackhawks over Phoenix Coyotes
Detroit Red Wings over Nashville Predators
Eastern Conference
New York Rangers over Ottawa Senators
Boston Bruins over Washington Capitals
New Jersey Devils over Florida Panthers
Pittsburgh Penguins over Philadelphia Flyers

Round 2
Western Conference
Vancouver Canucks over Detriot Red Wings
St Louis Blues over Chicago Blackhawks
Eastern Conference
Pittsburgh Penguins over New York Rangers
Boston Bruins over New Jersey Devils

Round 3
Western Finals
Vancouver Canucks over St Louis Blues
Eastern Finals
Pittsburgh Penguins over Boston Bruins
Round 4
Stanley Cup Finals
Pittsburgh Penguins over Vancouver Canucks

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